Odd Jobs that Pay Well

Odd Jobs that Pay Well

odd jobsBounty Hunter

This is no job for pansies, but when fugitives have posted bail and failed to appear in court, someone has to track them down.  Bounty Hunters often end up making much more than law enforcement officers when they catch a bad guy.  Of course, you must become trained and licensed, which differs from state to state.  However, it may be worth it for the potentially six-figure income.  One major advantage of some odd jobs like bounty hunting is that you can be your own boss.  Perhaps you want to be a cop, but not be tied to a specific schedule.  Look here to learn the specifics of becoming a bounty hunter in Washington.

Poop Scooper

Of all the odd jobs out there, this is a pretty gross one, but potentially profitable.  I don’t want to pick up animal waste and neither do a lot of other people.  Thus we will pay well for someone to do it for us.  Typically, the pay is $15 an hour or better for a job that requires no more than attention to detail and probably a love of animals.   Sure it is not the most glorious job in the world and since many people don’t want to do it, you can make some good money.   My Bomb Squad is one such business in the Tri-Cities.  While you could work for a company, this is an easy task to make your own business out of too.  You could do the poop-scooping on your own and keep all the profits!

Outhouse Route Driver

Ever wonder where all those portable toilets come from and who empties them out?  There are people out there whose job is to deliver outhouses and worst of all, suck all of the nastiness up into a huge tank on their truck and dispose of it.  This may sound like the “crappiest” of all odd jobs, but the pay is often$20 an hour or better.  Benefits are usually part of the deal as well.  That’s not bad for an job that at most requires a high school diploma.   BlueRoom, Ace Toilets, Sunshine Portable Toilets and 123 Portable Toilet Rental are some of the locals in this business.

Crime Scene Custodian

When a homicide, car accident or other deadly event takes place in which human fluids and body parts are strewn about, someone has the job of cleanup.  Much like other odd jobs considered here, this one is certainly not for the faint of heart.  You will probably see things that make experienced police officers sick to their stomach.  But while you are mopping up pools of blood you’ll at least be able to think about the $70,000+ salary that you get with no college degree.  CrimeSceneCleaning is one such local company that does this.


Have you ever thought about who put the glass windows on those skyscrapers?  These guys (or gals) do have a potentially scary job.  However, many of them do much simpler things such as installing glass shower doors or windows on homes.  That is usually the case locally as we don’t have many tall buildings.  It does require a 4-year apprenticeship, but it may be worth it for the $40-$80K pay scale.  There are a number of local businesses that need glaziers such as Perfection Glass.

Cruise Ship Entertainer

It is not easy to earn a spot on a cruise ship as a performer.   Although if you can, you pretty much get to travel around the world and get paid nicely to do an unusual job.  Talk about a deal!  Naturally you’ll have to audition for the position and it isn’t easy to make the cut, but if you can, you are one of the lucky few.  Check out any of the cruise lines at their respective website to find out how to apply.  They are always looking to fill odd jobs and while it is not local, it may be worth considering if you are fortunate enough to get hired.


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Odd Jobs that Pay Well

Bounty Hunter This is no job for pansies, but when fugitives have posted bail and failed to appear in court, someone has to track them down.  Bounty Hunters often end

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