Do These 5 Things in a Job Interview

Do These 5 Things in a Job Interview

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Fair of not, what you wear will say a lot about you in a job interview, so go top-notch.  Men and women are different, so we will treat them separately here:


Wear a suit and tie, even if the job is as menial as a dishwasher.   Why?  Because you will be the ONLY potential dishwasher in a suit and that means big-time brownie points with the interviewer.  For more professional jobs, you will likely be competing with other guys that are also dressing the part, so you need to look at least as good as them.  This applies EVEN if you are interviewing at a company where the employees dress casually.  You might argue that you want to seem to fit in, but more often than not, they will see your professional dress as a sign that you are willing to go above and beyond.


Wear professional, conservative clothing; the kind you would wear to church.  If you wear revealing clothing, the interviewer is likely to pass certain judgement about you; after all, that is his/her job.  If they like the revealing clothing, you may end up having a very bad experience at that job or at least attracting some unwanted attention.  If they don’t like it, then you figuratively lose points.  In short, conservative clothing will not hurt your chances in a job interview, but revealing clothing may.


Every chance you get, practice being interviewed.  Practice in front of the mirror and when you are alone, but even better is with someone.  Act like you are actually in a job interview and have them ask you actual job questions and make some up that you have not specifically prepared for.  You can find some of these in the article Job Interview Tips for Success.  The last thing you want is to be asked about something you haven’t thought about and be stuck asking if you can come back to that one.

Say “Thank You”

Every time you meet someone at the interview, thank them for their help/time.  For example, when you walk into an office and tell the secretary you are there for an interview, thank him/her.  Believe it or not, they may make a comment about your gratitude to the managers.  Of course, thank them as well as soon as you enter the room to be interviewed.  When the job interview is done, thank them again for their time.  On your way home after the interview, drop your pre-prepared thank you note in the mail that will get to their office in a day or two.  Very few people do this, and it will emphasize your interest in the job and make you stand out even more.

Talk to Insiders First

If you someone, anyone, that works for the company you have a job interview with, talk to them first.  Find out as much as you can about the company; everything is valuable.  Even if you speak to a custodian about an accountant position, you will at least be able to learn more about the environment, the culture and other inside information you may not have even thought to ask about.  Of course, if you know someone closer to the position you are applying for, all the better.

Do Your Homework

Find out whatever you can about the business, much of which is to be found online anymore.  What is their mission?  Vision?  Culture?  What do they do and where do they do it?  The more you know the better because an informed candidate appears more dedicated, interested and willing to do the leg work.  You want to be that candidate.  Remember, you are competing against other people, so you must do everything better than them to even have a chance!

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Do These 5 Things in a Job Interview

Dress for Success Fair of not, what you wear will say a lot about you in a job interview, so go top-notch.  Men and women are different, so we will

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