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Job hunting can be a stressful task, whether you are seriously in the market or just casually looking.  Accordingly, you ought to be focusing on ORGANIZED job hunting.  Doing so will help you save time, better manage your search and increase your chances of landing your next dream job!

1. Organize ALL information

It really doesn’t matter how you organize, as long as it is an effective way to keep track of the jobs you have applied for and what has been happening with those jobs. For example, you might use an Excel spreadsheet that provides the name of the company, position, when you applied and notes indicating the contact you have had with them.  Then you should also include reminders for future contact to organize your future job hunting activities. For example:

Sample Job Hunting Excel Template

CompanyPositionDate appliedapplication typefollow up/notes
Energy NorthwestJanitorial9/5/2018online9/6 called to confirm application receipt.  9/8 spoke to hiring manager (George Jetson), positive.  Call back 10/7
Campbell and CompanyFront desk associate9/10/2018in person9/5 spoke with employee, but manager, Don Juan wasn’t there.  His # is 509-555-555call 9/6 when returns to office.  9/6 great conversation with manager.  Call back 9/10
Benton REANight janitor9/18/2018online9/20  got email saying I’m not hired
Trios HealthHousekeeper9/28/2018online9/30  Spoke in person to hiring manager, Sasha.  Call her back if she doesn’t call me by 10/4

Keep Your Job Hunting Simple, but Organized

It is a good idea to keep a copy of the job description too.  You can simply copy and paste it into the next cell or include it in a “sticky” note within Excel.  Now if you are called for an interview, but the posting has been taken down, you will have something to study prior so that you are prepared.

Keep in mind that the theme here is to keep a record of what you are doing.  Thus, you may want to use paper folders and print and file information or use Excel.  Just use what works best for you, but no matter what method you use, organization will increase your chances of getting a job, cut down the amount of time you spend applying and make the entire job hunting process more efficient and effective.

2. Create templates

First you need a general cover letter.  You should create one that can be used for every job with minor tweaks.  Thus, you don’t have to start from scratch every time you want to apply to a new job.

My Cover Letter

Part 1: Greeting and Purpose

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is John Doe and I am excited about the ___________ position with your organization.

Part 2: RELEVANT Stuff About You

I graduated from Washington State University with a degree in Physical Science with an emphasis in mathematics and chemistry and thereafter filled a management position at XYZ Corporation.  While at this position I was able to be involved in the health and fitness industry, one of my passions.  Consequently, my science training proved to be an asset as customers learned to rely on my knowledge of how products functioned rather than simply what they do and I successfully trained my team-members to do the same.  As a result, I achieved tremendous success and was promoted twice within my first six months.  Thus, my additional responsibilities included the management, training, and auditing of other store locations.

Later, I began employment with an attorney who had just established his own firm.  Since I had recently completed an MBA and he recruited me to build his business. In order to improve efficiency, I constructed a portfolio of Excel-based letters, fax sheets, and other documentation that eliminated errors and saved hours of time each day.  Additionally, I managed the office and was involved in the hiring and training of new employees, as well as the opening of an additional office.

Eventually I was appointed as an instructor at ABC College where I mostly taught classes on student success, professionalism, and Microsoft Applications (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).  While at ABC, I also acquired certifications in Word, Excel and Access 2010 and also taught mathematics, physics, anatomy and economics. Currently I teach math and business for XYZ College at the state penitentiary and an online math class for RST University.

Part 3: Reinforce HOW You Will Benefit THEM

In addition to my teaching, I have recently completed another master’s degree, this time in applied nutrition.  Thus, with my combination of education in chemistry and now nutrition and my extensive teaching experience I am certain I would be an ideal addition to your organization.

Part 4: Thank You

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to discussing my qualifications with you in greater detail.

Part 5: Titles (if any) and Signature

John Doe MS, MBA

Also, do the same for your resume and your references.  As you are job hunting, it will be far quicker and easier to change a few little details rather than coming up with brand new ones each time.

3. Job Hunting Post Interview “Thank You”

You also want to have a template for your post interview thank you.  Doing so can really make you stand out. Additionally, you should take a thank you note with you and a stamped enveloped.  Then after the interview is over, stop by a mailbox. When they will receive it within a day or two, they will be totally impressed with you! For example, here’s mine:

John Doe
1234 W. 1st St.
Kennewick, WA 99336

(name of interviewer)
(position of interviewer)
(company name)
(co. address)
(co. state, zip)

Dear __________,

I sincerely enjoyed meeting with you yesterday and learning more about the _________ position with your company. In fact, our conversation confirmed my interest in becoming part of (name of company).  As a result of our visit, I was particularly pleased to hear that (something that “struck” you).  Accordingly, I would like to re-emphasize my interest in the ________ position.

I feel confident that my experiences in the workplace and the classroom would enable me to fill the job requirements effectively.  So please feel free to contact me if I can provide you with any further information. I look forward eagerly to hearing from you and thank you again for the courtesy you have extended.


(my signature)
John Doe

So I hope this helps some and good luck and happy job hunting!