get a job during the coronavirus

There was nothing to hint that the COVID-19 Pandemic was coming and how it would affect jobs.  In fact, 3 million people filed for unemployment just this week.  That’s the highest ever by the way.  You are probably well aware of the fact that the stock market has plummeted as a result.  Fortunately, the government has been helping out by offering loans to small businesses to get them and their employees through this. Undoubtedly there is no historical precedence here and we really don’t know how long it will go on.  That being said, focusing on short-term solutions is your best bet.  After all, it could be over in a week or it could take 3 months, we really don’t know.  But in either case, you need something NOW.  So, let’s talk about how to get a job during the coronavirus.

You Have to Do Something to Get a Job During the Coronavirus

I think we all have tendency to want to just ‘shelter in place’ until this thing goes away.  But since we don’t know how long it will be, who is going to pay the bills and buy the groceries?  We’ve gotta be realistic.  That means you have to control what happens to you.  Do you just wait and get behind on your bills and go into debt just to buy food?  Hopefully not.

Be Creative and Think Short Term

At the beginning of this whole thing, there wasn’t a lot of job loss outside the service industry.  But that is changing as the businesses that support those businesses are being affected.  They too are now forced to eliminate positions because their income is shrinking.

So, let’s think about what you can do in the next month or two.  This will go away, so we’re probably not talking about years here, but we’ve got to think about right now.  More than likely this means doing something outside of what you normally do.  For example, you might be a successful manager for a gym in Washington where all gyms are closed at least until April 4.  For now, you might need to become a successful call center agent for Amazon or maybe an online tutor.

Let’s Get Exploring on how to Get a Job During the Coronavirus

Think about the things you are good at.  Then, think about how that could apply now.  If you were a waitress before perhaps you should consider becoming a checker at a grocery store.  After all, you may not currently be working at all, but others are working more.

You might also think about jobs in which location is irrelevant.  In other words, telecommuting or working from home.  Zoom, the online communication software behemoth is expanding and looking for employees to work from home as are many other organizations.

Another option could be doing your own thing online.  Perhaps you have a talent or hobby that you could turn into a short-term business.  For example, there are a ton of kids out of school right now, so you might become an online math tutor for a while.

Keep in mind that many companies such as Zoom, Amazon, Blue Apron and Trader Joe’s are growing rapidly because of the coronavirus.  That means jobs and that means a potential short-term spot for you until life returns to normal.

Don’t forget local businesses either.  Grocery stores for example are getting hammered, in a good way, and are looking to fill positions but don’t have the time to post jobs.  So, don’t be afraid to call them and find out if they are looking for help. Besides, they may be extra impressed by your ambition.

Dust Off Your Resume

Writing a good resume takes some skill but mostly know-how.  In any case, it needs to be good enough to draw the attention of those reading it.  This is especially important as the job you are applying for may not really be in your normal line of work.  There are many things you can and shouldn’t do to make this happen.  Lucky for you, we have already drawn one up for you.

Get Ready to Interview Virtually

No matter where you end up applying, chances are they’ll want to interview you online or via your phone.  You’ve probably never done an online interview before so it is important to be prepared.  Most of the same rules apply such as dressing appropriately and sounding enthusiastic.  Here are a few other rules to follow:

  • Make sure the area they will see behind you looks nice. Don’t interview on your bedroom computer with a big mess of clothes behind you.  Instead, do it on the living room couch with a nice picture in the background.
  • If it is a phone interview, use cheat sheets. This should include the job description, a little about the company, a copy of your resume and a list of questions to ask the interviewer.
  • For online interviews, make sure the software you are supposed to use is working properly ahead of time. Also, test your computer equipment by calling a friend or relative to make sure it all works right.  Imagine the embarrassment if you get on your interview only to find out your mic doesn’t work!

The Last Word on how to Get a Job During the Coronavirus

We’ll get through this COVID thing but for now, you need to get another job.  Think short-term and make things happen. Don’t just sit back and hope for the best.  MAKE the best.