First Day at a New Job?

First Day at a New Job?

your first day at a new job sign day 1So What Should Your First Day at a new Job Look Like?

  1. Get into the “swing” of things

Your first day at a new job means a new routine altogether and that should begin on day #1 and continue until your last.  It may require waking up earlier (or later) than you are accustomed to, traveling a new route, even getting coffee at a new shop.  In any case, embrace the change and make it your new “you,” since it is the new you.  Even if you find the new routine not-so-great, discover ways to convince yourself that it is a wonderful change.  If you wake up earlier, think about how you are off so soon in the afternoon.  Think about the new scenery on the way to work and the unique choices at the new coffee shop.  Whether you love it or hate it, you still have to do it, so why not love it?

  1. Dress Appropriately

Knowing what to wear on your first day at a new job is sometimes a tough one.  My dad always taught me to go to any job interview in a suit no matter what the position!  But a suit is not always the best thing to wear as an employee.  It depends on the business and the sort of work.  The best way to gauge it is to wear what others are wearing, but go one step above just to be safe.  In other words, if others wear jeans and a t-shirt, wear nice jeans and a collared shirt.  Eventually you’ll figure it out, but you don’t want to be overdressed, or worse, underdressed.

  1. Be On Time

About the worst first impression in the world for a new staffer is to show up late the first day.  And on time is “late” too.  You want to seem excited, but not creepy, so don’t show up more than about 15 minutes early either.  Coming in on your first day at a new job an hour before your shift is just kind of bizarre but dashing in only a minute or two early suggests that you aren’t all that reliable.

  1. Go to Lunch

You definitely want to nurture relationships at work, so if you are invited to lunch, especially by your boss, GO!  This will give you a great chance to be with others in a casual, non-work atmosphere, but don’t take the opportunity to ‘let it all hang out’ either.  Be professional and make the conversation about them, not you.  Everyone loves to talk about themselves and you could score some serious points here.

  1. Identify Goals

Although you may have given the impression that you wanted the job to “make a difference,” when in actuality it is mostly because you need a paycheck, you still want to be successful.  Thus, it is imperative that you set a few goals that you wish to accomplish so that you will have something to work toward and evidence of your pure awesomeness.  What your goals are will vary greatly depending on the nature of the work, but in any case, seek to reach heights beyond expectation.

  1. Embrace Change

One of the worst things you can do in a new job is try to make things more like what you are used to from your last job.  Go with the culture and be a follower-even if your job is to be a leader-until you feel comfortable in the environment and changes that you might suggest or implement will be more relevant and more rational.  Sometimes people like to do things a certain way because that is what they are used to-don’t be this person, especially when it is your first day at a new job!

  1. Be You

There was something about you that made your hiring manager(s) decide that you have the training, experience, education and personality for the job.  So be YOU!  You want to be a perfect angel in the interview(s), but don’t become something different after you are hired.  You won’t likely last long or have a good experience.


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First Day at a New Job?

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