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There are a million and one career sites, but none are dedicated exclusively to Tri City jobs (until now). Local employers may not even use a job site, so we take you straight to the employer!

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Why Us?

Tri City Job Finder is not your typical job site.  I bet you are already famililar with Indeed, CareerBuilder and Monster and many others.   In each case, you input information regarding your intended search criteria and your location.  Their system then finds jobs that have or are similar to your chosen keywords and finds those in the location you have specified.

Tri City Jobs Direct

For example, let’s pretend you are particularly interested in Pasco jobs, specifically in bookkeeping.  You go to and input the keyword “bookkeeper” and “99301” for the location.  Almost instantly the system provides you with pages of search results for bookkeeping and related jobs in and near Pasco.  Many times, job sites also allow you to choose a radius within the area you are looking.  In this example, you may use 99301 to indicate your location and 100 miles as your radius.  This way the results will include jobs as far away as Umatilla and Yakima.

Use ALL Resources

Now you are probably expecting me to argue why Tri City Job Finder is better than other job sites.  Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m actually going to suggest you utilize all tools!  Indeed, CareerBuilder and others only present jobs that have been submitted to them by employers, but what about jobs that are not on their site?  The truth is that many jobs are never posted to a job site at all and even when they are, it might not be on the job site you happen to be using.

Go LOCAL With Tri City Jobs

Tri City Job Finder on the other hand is linked to dozens of LOCAL Tri Cities jobs, directly.  That way, if an employer (say the City of Pasco) doesn’t include a job or jobs on the common sites, you can still easily find it.  Normally you’d have to track down their jobs page every time you wanted to ‘check them out.’  No longer!

We are affiliated with Indeed, so between us and them, you can find just about every Tri Cities job out there!  There are also many job related resources to help you find a job, interview for a job and be your best in your new Tri City Job!

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